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Translation services

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There are no real borders within the business world anymore, and company partnerships are being formed around the globe.   Expanding a company’s business horizons can have a positive effect on its performance, although language barriers can slow it down.
Our company will help you expand your geography without the complication associated with these barriers.

Our translation services are tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements. Therefore at no extra cost you receive the following benefits: a project manager who will keep you updated on every step of the process, proof-reading of your translation from another translator to insure the up most accuracy & quality, cutting no cost by using human translation and working with International translators, who only translate into their mother tongue and who can localize your language needs.

We believe that our level of dedication makes us the perfect language partners for any company wishing to position itself more prominently in the ever-expanding global marketplace. With our expertise, combined with the professionalism and experience of our international network of approved, hard working and highly-motivated translators, we can deliver a fluent and accurate translation no matter what size or specialization you require.

Translation services made easy:

Technical Gaming Business Medical Marketing Legal
technical_icon game_icon business-icon medical_icon marketing-icon legal_icon

Technical = specialized technical translators at your disposal.

Gaming = translators with extensive gaming knowledge, centralized quality control and more.

Business = we provide corporate Commercial translation services to a range of mid-sized and global organizations.

Medical = send us your complex medical document and we will make the translation process quick and simple.

Marketing = meticulousness which provides you with 100% confidence when your campaign hits the market.

Legal = a safe and confidential translation process.

Translation pricing examples*:

Pricing Standard
A high-quality translation for professional use
Translations which require specific expert knowledge (i.e. Technical, Medical etc.)
A4 Sheet containing 70% text 55 € 63,50 €
A basic email 15 € 19,50 €
Marketing brochure
Four sided A4 size brochure
145 € 175 €
Technical documentation manual
Up to 20 pages
400 € 435 €
Price per line 0,79 € 1,05 €

*The prices above are an example. Please click on the link below to get a free accurate quotation.

If you require multiple/lengthy translations, discounts may be available.  Prices vary depending on word count, technical specification and turn-around requirements.  Please contact us for any special needs.

Payment methods:

We will send you an invoice electronically, when your translation is finished. Once we receive payment, the translation will be sent immediately. This can be sent either electronically and / or in hard copy form depending on your requirements.


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