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Livestock buildings

Livestock buildings

We deliver results and not just a building.

We supply and install all types of types of livestock buildings.

We have an in-depth understanding of the market you’re looking for. We go beyond traditional livestock building contractors and installers scopes and evaluate each unique situation, including those special aspects of your individual preferences.

Our buildings are:

Engineering cost – efficient buildings that support higher yields and lower operational costs.

We will be glad to provide you with Standard, Custom, or State-of-the-Art livestock houses Our speciality lies in poultry buildings and we deliver the following types:

  •  Broiler
  •  Breeder
  •  Layers
  •  Refurbs & Upgrades

Rapid installations:

Using our team of project managers, HSE officers, experienced installation team and our rapid installations techniques give you the following benefits:

  • • Our pre-project planning will insure that no stone is left unturned to insure a smooth process.
  • • Minimised disruption
  • • Able to stock houses earlier
  • • Reduction of time from money out to money in

Our dedicated installation team will be on site from start to finish and you you will suffer no delays on waiting on other contractors.

Turnkey solution:

We offer a one stop shop which encompasses, planning, design, earth clearance and concrete foundations and supplement & erection of building to deliver you a complete turnkey solution, so all the stress is taken out of a project.

We bring excellence to the poultry houses.



A high quality product that is second to none.

Our industrial division has completed numerous projects for storage, industrial, commence and cold storage structures.  We are known for our precision designs, planning, supplement & installation.

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