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  • Tel. UK Office: +44 (0)1287204603
  • Tel. German Office: +49 (0)44419167610
  • Tel. Poland Office: +48 (0)684203464
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How much does LPI services cost?

Your requirements will clearly dictate the cost. However we pride ourselves in being one of the most cost effective companies on the market. For a free and no obligation quote please click on link.


Can LPI supply only a certain part of their services?

Yes, we as a company can offer a single service e.g. supplying plant / H&S or we can supply a full package.

How do I get the ball rolling? How does the process with LPI work?

The 4 simple steps are shown below:

  1. Please fill out the initial quick and easy project / task overview questionnaire (see link below) .
  2. One of our consultants will contact you by phone or email (whichever you choose) within   24 hours to discuss your needs.
  3. We will then provide you with a written quotation.
  4. To proceed, you can then place the order and look forward to a smooth service.

Project / task overview questionnaire link

How long will it take for LPI to prepare and deliver the services?

This will be dependent on your requirements.  For many of our services we can supply within a couple of days. If you require us to organize a project for you, the complexity of the project and your requirements will determine on the time frame that we require. However, in most cases 2 to 3 weeks is sufficient. We will do our utmost to fulfill your needs within your time frame.

Where will the manpower come from?

We can supply east or west European workers. At LPI we understand and believe that every project is unique and therefore the correct solution needs to be found depending on its parameters.

What are the benefits of working with east European workers?

In our vast experience the east European workers are less expensive in comparison to west European counter parts. Their work ethic is also is second to none.

If I chose to have eastern European workers will a visa or work permit be required?

A visa or work permit is not required for workers from the European Union EU countries, including workers from; Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romanian etc.

For further information please see the link below.


If I choose the option to work with workers where English is not their first language how will I able to communicate with them?

In our experience certain projects do not require a complete English speaking team, as the project leader will act as your point of contact and will then implement your instructions to his team. We can assure you that communication for your project will not be problematic for you. If however you require a complete English speaking team, simply make us aware of this point at the beginning of the process.

If I choose a worker from outside the UK will they be allowed to work on UK building sites?

Yes they will.

What happens after the sale and once the project is complete?

Our after sales team will keep you updated on the progress before the service / project starts and depending on the service that your require during the project / task. Once the project is finished we will keep in touch to insure that your completely satisfied.

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